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Why A Kite Project? The Kylti Fly A Haitian Kite Day project is a metaphor for Haiti's rising from the rubble of its trouble not surprising to a future that's creative and quite imaginable, forging its own Aesthetic and Cultural Identity in ways that are tangible with the help of the human family through all the arts as its rightful destiny. Learn more
Project Objective

Fly a Haitian kite in solidarity with the people of Haiti. All kites will be made in Haiti, and money raised will further Kylti’s arts and cultural projects in Haiti and



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Date and Times

The Fly A Haitian Kite Day event for Maryland and Poughkeepsie, NY will be held on Sunday, August 29.


August 29, 2010, 4:53 pm (Haiti earthquake time)

(See update here with the listing of the site locations and times.)


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Latest News
Community Gatherings

Maryland, New York, Massachusetts

For the list of gathering sites where you can go fly your Haitian kites beginning at 4:53pm, click here. Learn more


Kylti has partnered with Plas Timoun for 200 kids to fly kites in Haiti. Fokal will also fly kites.

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